Andrew Blake is an editorial / fashion photographer from Glasgow, Scotland.

Having received his Honours degree, Andrew has established himself as an accomplished portrait and fashion photographer. With experience ranging from professional photoshoots to freelance studio photography worldwide, Andrew has a keen comprehension of all aspects of camerawork. He has also worked in New York City, assisting established photographer, Martin Scott Powell, along with working in collaboration with Ruckus Films in Toronto, Canada.


Clients / Published

Vauhaus, Jaeger, Startup Grind, The Everyday Man, BISOUS Magazine (Los Angeles), SecuriGroup, The Gin Festival, Objectified Jewellery, FF Magazine, NAF! Salon, Nick Bruce and His Blinding Lights, Scot Street Style, Re:Quest Model Mgmt (New York), Emily Stopford Designs, CJMK Designs, AFRAID, The Wilds.